How to develop an effective meeting.

A conversation is shaped by two parts. Someone who talks and someone who listens. In order for the latter one to be able to understand the message correctly, the first one should be very precise and clean with the wording and conscious about who the receptor is. Otherwise, a positive intention could turn into something negative and destructive. Continue reading “STAFF MEETINGS”



Aesthetics about dishes and drinks. Concept and idea

We eat with our eyes first”. One of the most important factors in gastronomy.
In the first 7 seconds – through all the senses – the human brain approves or disapproves things, people or situations. Let’s see what you should know about the design of your dishes/drinks.
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Find the way to succeed with your firm.

An enterprise is formed by capital, raw material and the human factor. Capital and raw material are tangible, usable and renewable. We can get them from suppliers or investors. But the human factor is what we have to focus on. Because people are an active part of the brand’s motor. And if we have a good motor, everything is easier. Continue reading “SUCCESSFUL INVESTMENT”


Set up a concept and image

As important as the foundation of a house – Concept and image are your most powerful skills.
Many people are talking about these topics. What we are going to do is to break those taboos and mysticisms about concept and image for enterprises. And give an easy overview about how it works.
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Learn how to be famous

Would you like to be popular within your target audience’s choices?
Let’s say that there are 49 men in black suits and 1 man in a red suit. You just walk quickly through that crowd. You have seen all of them, but what will you remember?
Learn the art of distinguishing your business from your competitors. Be unique.
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The importance between aesthetics and interaction.

If you see someone with a suit, it does not give you the same impression as a man with jeans and t-shirt. Our brain contains stereotypes, which are useful to understanding, categorizing and describing things, people and situations. Learning how to dress correctly in restaurants and bars makes a visual impact on your customers and motivates your staff. Continue reading “STAFF? RIGHT CLOTHES? WHY?”


Learn how to set up your business-design.

Communication (in all its variations) is one of the strongest skills of human race. And gastronomy is one of the most sensory markets. Therefore, the business-design you create on base of your concept plays a fundamental role in the impression that you convey to your customers. When the passive message is not the right one, your customers will feel the difference and it will be reflected in the reviews. Continue reading “THE AESTHETICS”


How to find your target audience

“It was awesome, I loved everything – from the food to the service! … I will totally come back, because that place is amazing”.
Sometimes you find it difficult to make everyone happy and hear such a good review from them.
Have you wondered why it is so difficult to get good review from the majority of your customers?
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Learn how to sell an experience. Get the lead.

An experience is not something tangible. But it is one of the most required services of customers in the last decade.
To sell an experience is the way to take the lead, leaving your competitors behind. It means to have more income and consequently growth to your budget. 
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Entrepreneur/ Business-Owner Guide “End of the year” LAST CHAPTER

Hey dear followers, we are already in the last part of our guide in 2016.

As the last chapter, we prepared for your each template to download them. Ready to edit and reach all you want for the next year! Continue reading “Entrepreneur/ Business-Owner Guide “End of the year” LAST CHAPTER”