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ZETA Gcropped-logo_zeta_business_development_websiteASTRONOMIC CONSULTANT was founded in 2015 with the vision of being the first integrated centre for gastronomic businesses” in order to help them to cooperate and succeed.
Since 2012 we have been working very closely with restaurant owners and managers  and we understand how difficult it is to run a business  without the appropriate support.

That is why ZETA GASTRONOMIC CONSULTANT was born. By means of our passion for gastronomy combined with our devotion to help and serve those obliged to make difficult decisions. We have seen  first-hand how important an efficient use of time, energy and money can be, at the moment when the results were not exactly what you were expecting.

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“Experiences with different kind of entrepreneurs – working in
various countries and different continents – has given us a big and opened overview of business models, systems, plans, methods and how a restaurant could be managed to succeed.” Nicolas Bergero, founder. 


Making gastronomy a world of good experiences. Interesting and unique value propositions for different customers groups. Organized, stabilized and predictable business models. “I believe that everything that you can dream and plan, you can achieve” Nicolas Bergero, founder.


Our vocation, is to provide adequate  knowledge, support, skills, motivation and information that gastronomic business owners and managers require in order to set their objectives and achieve their goals. In order for them to achieve success.



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