Aesthetics about dishes and drinks. Concept and idea

We eat with our eyes first”. One of the most important factors in gastronomy.
In the first 7 seconds – through all the senses – the human brain approves or disapproves things, people or situations. Let’s see what you should know about the design of your dishes/drinks.

Many gastronomic businesses always have new staff. And with different employees, the design of the products is changing all the time. What many managers forget, is that the dishes & drinks presentation should come in line with the image of their business’ concept. Maybe for them it doesn’t make any sense – but if they don’t do it, the customer’s experience is like when they meet those people who tell them something and then they do something different. It is like – OK, it is not bad, but I won’t come back because it’s not authentic”.

It’s relevant to put attention on the small details because small details are what make the difference.
So, on which points should we focus to harmonize our products with our brand?


-The dishes, glasses or decoration should contain the most important colors of the brand (1, 2 or 3 colors) – For example, if your brand contains the colors red and gray, you can put these colors in the dish with a fruit or vegetable, herbs and a sauce. You can also print your logo in your plates and glasses, but that’s quite expensive.

-The typographic aesthetic of the name is another relevant point. Lines, spaces and style should be considered in the position of the things in the plate of a meal or dessert.

-Crockery of course has to be in tune with the brand style. According to the colors and style of the image, in order to print your style and be authentic.

The art of harmonizing each part of a business is interesting and not easy at all. It’s not enough just to have a good aesthetic eye. You also need a bit of knowledge or help.
The best part comes after putting your whole business in tune. Because it brings your business to a higher level. Here, details are really important. And you’ll be getting stars – which gives you added value. And you already know what it means.


I’d like to know whether you enjoy reading my articles (don’t hesitate to leave comments!). And we’re happy to answer any questions if you feel like knowing a bit more about this topic.

See you next week.

All the best.



Author: ZETA Gastronomic Consultant

Run your restaurant successfully! Start now! We offer you motivation, inspiration, relaxation and the partner support you need to improve you own life. In order to make you a more fresh, motivated and creative person. To bring the business that you run to the place that you envision.

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