Find the way to succeed with your firm.

An enterprise is formed by capital, raw material and the human factor. Capital and raw material are tangible, usable and renewable. We can get them from suppliers or investors. But the human factor is what we have to focus on. Because people are an active part of the brand’s motor. And if we have a good motor, everything is easier.

The employees are the most important part of a business. They are the ones who open and close the place. It is them who execute the selling process. The staff if the heart of the body. We/you – as boss, manager or director – are in charge of thinking and controlling. As the brain of the body.

After six months in the same job and position, 90% of the employees in gastronomy find themselves without motivation and stimulus. This is not positive for the healthy life of a business. It just brings negative consequences with it.

As a business director it is mandatory – as much as to pick up the bills – to motivate the staff and share your knowledge with them. This is essential if you want to carry your business further.

The “domino effect” provoked by letting things happen is destructive to your firm. Why?

After a while, your staff will reduce the productivity. Then, they make mistakes. After that, they quit the job or you fire them. You have to find new people and teach them everything. And they will bring mistakes with them. Just because they are learning. This results in stress for you, bad reviews from your customers, less money in your wallet and more. But it is not necessary to focus on this point.dominoes-1902622_1280

All this possible situations can be prevented by motivating your staff and giving them new knowledge to improve their own job (to your business) and generate new and optimized results without forcing until the collapse point. It really improves the running of a business, it is not expensive at all and you will save a lot of energy and money.

You should just figure out how to engage your own staff and plan a strategy to motivate them and give them skills to improve their services to your business.

Results are awesome – try it out!

See you next week, I hope you are enjoying our “especial for gastronomy” as much as we enjoy writing it for you.

Let me know if you like what you read. Any question? – State it in the comment section or by mail!



Author: ZETA Gastronomic Consultant

Run your restaurant successfully! Start now! We offer you motivation, inspiration, relaxation and the partner support you need to improve you own life. In order to make you a more fresh, motivated and creative person. To bring the business that you run to the place that you envision.

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