Learn how to be famous

Would you like to be popular within your target audience’s choices?
Let’s say that there are 49 men in black suits and 1 man in a red suit. You just walk quickly through that crowd. You have seen all of them, but what will you remember?
Learn the art of distinguishing your business from your competitors. Be unique.

In recent years, it has become more difficult to distinguish a business, due to the fact that there are a lot of similar competitors.
And not just that. With online marketing, SEO, SEM, community management, etc., the situation was becoming more difficult than ever.

To start an enterprise is not an easy thing for anyone. To make it grow, even less so. And the important point is that everyone who starts a business invests a lot. Money, time, dreams, headache, stress, laughter, tears and much more. And nowadays, if you do not manage each situation well in your firm, you can lose all of the above said.

Fortunately, it is a reversible matter. And the solution is to be different. Like the man with the red suit.


The idea is to have something, it does not make any difference if it is a product or service, or both of them. But something that makes your firm stand out. Something that makes your business unique. That your target audience can talk about. Something that makes people choose your brand instead of another one.

For each business it is important to focus and plan how to attract the audience’s attention.
If you have a restaurant, make a unique dish. If your business is desserts, make an awesome and unique dessert. Drinks? Okay, find an irresistible combination. Then, put a name to your awesomeness. Give it a style, show it to your customers.

Focus on this: “We have this, and it is awesome. And people love it.”

Do not lose your time giving 200 different options. Sorry, but it does not work. A few good things are better than a lot of them without a good background.

There are more topics to talk about, but I will not extend this article. If you still do not have your awesomeness, create it right now!

I hope you have enjoyed reading. Write down any questions and let me know if you like it!



Author: ZETA Gastronomic Consultant

Run your restaurant successfully! Start now! We offer you motivation, inspiration, relaxation and the partner support you need to improve you own life. In order to make you a more fresh, motivated and creative person. To bring the business that you run to the place that you envision.

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