The importance between aesthetics and interaction.

If you see someone with a suit, it does not give you the same impression as a man with jeans and t-shirt. Our brain contains stereotypes, which are useful to understanding, categorizing and describing things, people and situations. Learning how to dress correctly in restaurants and bars makes a visual impact on your customers and motivates your staff.

An image always causes feelings in the brain. The way the staff of a business is dressed is critical in the message given to the audience. “Welcome, we are -firm name-” or “now, you are in -firm name-” or evenwe are exactly what you see”.

To develop this structure is not really easy, neither cheap. If you have 16 people being part of your staff, of course it is going to be a big investment.

This should be seen as a mandatory long-term investment. The percentage of engagement that we lose if our staff does not have the right clothes is high. It is around 25% per year in profit because the majority of the audience expects a special experience, and if those responsible for the service are not playing the right role, customers just choose another place, one that is giving that experience.

It is important to understand this point if your goal is to drive your firm to growth and success.


So, it is your job to find the right style, depending on what fits best to your brand and concept. It is a nice challenge, enjoy it!

This investment brings profits in many areas:

a) Customers feel the presence of your brand. This optimizes your organic advertising.

b) They come back motivated to revive the “nice experience”. They feel comfortable with “the service”, concept and structure.

c) It gives added value to your products and services, making people come back. Consequently, your demand increases and you can put up the prices, improving your financial states.

d) It improves the motivation (hot factor) of the staff and makes them feel connected with the brand: “i am part of it”.

Well then, readers, owners, managers. I hope that with this lecture you can improve your business even more.

Let me know if you liked this article and if it was useful to you. I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did it writing it.
If you have any question about this topic just write it in the comments and i will help you as much as I can!



Author: ZETA Gastronomic Consultant

Run your restaurant successfully! Start now! We offer you motivation, inspiration, relaxation and the partner support you need to improve you own life. In order to make you a more fresh, motivated and creative person. To bring the business that you run to the place that you envision.

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